EPA spends $75 Million Building Militarized Police Force: Over 70 Federal Agencies now Armed


http://offgridsurvival.com/ October 13, 2015 In 2012, I warned about the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to build their own private military force designed to fight “Eco-terrorists” – yes, Eco-terrorists – now the Environmental Protection Agency is getting in on the action, spending around $75 million a year to train and arm their own militarized force of agents. According to the Washington Times, the agency is spending millions of dollars to build a small militarized force …

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This one time in the barracks- Vol. 3 No ratings yet.


http://www.gruntstyle.com/magazine Joshua Drake 2015-10-13 Share this                 This one time in the barracks- Vol. 3  First User Submission Back story: While deployed overseas, we had an E4 who wasn’t all there. He made a game of dry humping SPC G. His name for this story is SPC P. About halfway through the year, SPC J, decided to get in on the game to everyone else’s amusement. During Demobilization, …

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Controversial Halloween costumes of 2015 No ratings yet.


http://www.gruntstyle.com/magazine Joshua Drake 2015-10-13 Share this                 Controversial Halloween costumes of 2015 The Walter Palmer DDS Walter Palmer made headlines after killing Cecil the 13 year old Lion in July of this year. The costumes features: A severed lions head. A smock and gloves with fake blood Dentist tools in the front pocket. This can be found at costumeish.com as well as Cecil’s revenge. The Call Me Caitlyn  …

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Better To Be Early – Than A Day Too Late For Preparedness

http://modernsurvivalblog.com/ With the seemingly incomprehensible number of systemic risks and uncertainties in the world today, have you been thinking about stepping up to a preparedness mindset – but you’re wondering if it’s too late to bother? Does it seem like there would be so much to do, and so overwhelming to ‘catch up’ with preparedness – […]

Playboy Magazine to drop nudity No ratings yet.


http://www.gruntstyle.com/magazine Joshua Drake 2015-10-13 Share this                 Playboy Magazine to drop nudity In a startling announcement, Playboy magazine’s Chief Executive Scott Flanders, confirmed that the nudity that Playboy became famous for, is going away. Through the years, the magazine has featured numerous Hollywood starlets, including, Marilyn Monroe (December, 53), Shannon Tweed (November, 81), Jenny McCarthy (June, 94), and Pamela Anderson (February, 90). From the New York Times: Last …

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Awesome decorations or gone too far? No ratings yet.


http://www.gruntstyle.com/magazine Joshua Drake 2015-10-13 Share this                 Awesome decorations or gone too far? A house in Parma, Ohio has come under fire for it’s Halloween decorations. It is apparently scaring children around the neighborhood, as well as the school down the street. From the video “I felt scared because I thought they were real people” the unidentified 9 year old says. Followed by commentary from her mother Jackie …

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The Dual Sport Motorcycle – Rugged, Gas-Sipping Transportation


http://americanpreppersnetwork.com/ You’ve stockpiled canned food, medical supplies, and other necessities. You’ve even outfitted your home with solar heating and electricity. You’ve done everything you can possibly think of to be ready for whatever the future holds. But have you considered what you’re going to do for transportation if a true national or world emergency arises? A large-scale emergency situation could result in mass power outages and closures of most, if not all, gas stations. Those …

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How The Russian Bear Mauls ISIS

http://www.survivopedia.com/ It has been less than two weeks since Russia announced their entry into Syria to support President Assad. Yet, in the short time they’ve been there, they’ve accomplished more than U.S. forces have accomplished over the last several months. Reports are coming out that ISIS is ready to topple; all that’s needed is a push from ground forces. This is somewhat reminiscent of both Gulf Wars, where U.S. led forces all but destroyed the …

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Can the House Elect a Non-Member Speaker?

At Liberty Law Blog, Diana Schaub (Loyola Maryland, Political Science) says no: Dysfunction Is No Excuse for Misreading the Constitution.  From the core of the argument: There is an inescapable logic to the setting forth of the Constitution’s sections which should guide interpretation. In Article 1, Section 1, we learn that Congress is vested with specified legislative powers and that Congress “shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” In Article 1, Section 2, Clause …

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California Governor Vetoes ‘Right to Try’ Act


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Oct. 13, 2015) – On Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have effectively nullified in practice some Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules that prevent terminally-ill patients from accessing experimental treatments. Introduced by Asm. Ian Calderon (D-Whittier) and nine bipartisan co-sponsors, Assembly Bill 159 (AB159) would have given terminally ill patients access to medicines that have not been given final approval for use by the FDA. Brown deferred to federal …

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