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This Month’s Example Of The Need For Preparedness.

This Month’s Example Of The Need For Preparedness. Here at Survival by Preparedness, preparedness doesn’t mean a major global or regional event. This example is spread out more than just home state, but I’m focusing on the report that is specifically for your home state as an example. Proper preparedness should cover something simple as treating a scrape on your child’s knee with antibiotic cream and an adhesive bandage, to a large scale catastrophe such …

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight – A treatise on surviving and evading a crisis situation in an urban environment. When faced with a crisis in an urban environment such as a natural disaster, martial law, rioting, or societal collapse, an urban environment is a place you might not want to be in, especially with a family. This article will explore reasons for, and suggestions on how to survive, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) in an urban …

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Voodoo Discrete Level III Backpack

The Voodoo Discrete Level III Backpack Discrete Level III Pack Tactical backpack is not like most tactical backpacks. With this backpack, all of your molly attachments are mounted inside the pack its self. The discrete manner of the pack, it looks like a backpack someone would use every day for school, work, or family adventures. This does give it an advantage in a critical situation of having to get home. With the design of this …

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Residents along Texas rivers urged to leave amid flood threat; death toll in US at 21

Published May 28, 2015 [Local officials in Texas have urged residents living near rivers swollen by torrential rainfall to consider evacuating their homes due to the threat of more flooding later in the week. The National Weather Service said Thursday that  hail, tornadoes and thunderstorms are possible across the southern Plains and that flooding remains the greatest threat for areas that have received record rainfall. Meteorologist Steve Goss, of the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, …

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Live anthrax inadvertently shipped by U.S. military

Extra extra read all about it. by Barbara Starr | CNN [Washington (CNN)Four lab workers in the United States and up to 22 overseas have been put in post-exposure treatment after the U.S. military inadvertently shipped live anthrax samples via FedEx, a defense official told CNN. CNN learned on Wednesday that a Maryland-based lab had received live samples, prompting an across-the-board urgent review to see whether any other live anthrax has been shipped. The live …

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Wealthy Installing “Safe Rooms” to Prepare for Civil Unrest?

by Paul Joseph Watson | May 26, 2015
Demand for expensive bulletproof home shelters more than doubles

[A decade ago, safe rooms would only have been of interest to A-list celebrities who wanted to protect against stalkers, but they are now becoming popular with elites who wish to guard against potential civil unrest which could cause crime rates to skyrocket in the aftermath of an economic collapse.

According to a New York Times report, the typically 8-feet-by-12-feet bulletproof rooms are an increasingly sought after means of the elite feeling “protected,” just as moats and armies protected them in centuries past.

“The world is a very scary place right now, especially for people of means; they feel cornered and threatened,” said Tom Gaffney, the president of Gaffco Ballistics, a company which installs safe rooms in New York City.

According to Gaffney, his business has more than doubled for high end systems that cost five or six figures over the past decade, with the company installing half a dozen a year, up from just one or two.

This suggests that wealthy individuals, including foreigners who are more familiar with such stringent security measures, are having safe rooms installed to protect their personal possessions, as well as their own physical safety, against potential domestic disorder that could arise out of growing wealthy inequality or a sudden economic collapse.

The NYT article also mentions how a buyer from a former Soviet republic purchased a safe room in order to protect against “chemical and nuclear attacks.”

The notion that the elite are making preparations for mass civil disorder is no conspiracy theory.

Fearing global unrest and the possibility of another major conflict, many members of the elite have been buying remote property and land in places like New Zealand, according to reports that emerged out of January’s Davos Economic Forum.

Economist Robert Johnson said the rich were making such purchases “because they think they need a getaway” from Ferguson-style riots that will erupt as a result of widening wealth inequality, which it at its worse in virtually all developed countries since the 1980s.

Ironically, Johnson is president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, an organization founded and bankrolled by bankrolled by billionaire George Soros, who himself is funding the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to realtors involved in the sale of remote property, the elite are concerned about “what is happening around them” and are looking for stable areas of the world to both live and store their wealth due to their “paranoia” over the situation.

The risk of domestic disorder is also heightened by the fact that distrust in government and leadership in the United States and other western countries continues to remain near historic lows. Corruption, social alienation, and lack of community, all of which were contributory factors to the 2011 London riots, are all creating a powder keg situation that could blow at any moment.

The drop in real wages allied with massive worldwide inflation created by Keynesian central bank money printing will only exacerbate the wealth gap. The U.S. government’s inability to fund social programs could also lead to the seizure of private pension funds .

As real wages drop it will also become increasingly harder to pacify younger generations via consumer culture. With religion, family and social mobility all declining in influence, lifestyles built around the acquisition of products will become harder to maintain as the economic environment worsens – prompting further disenfranchisement amongst young people.

These factors, when combined with further police brutality and a growing sense of injustice, almost guarantee to cause more civil unrest over the next two years, fulfilling economist  Martin Armstrong’s prediction that “a serious political uprising will erupt by 2016″ in the United States.] (Watson, 2015, ).

Watson, P. J. (2015, May 26). Wealthy Installing “Safe Rooms” to Prepare for Civil Unrest?. Infowars.com. Retrieved from http://www.infowars.com/wealthy-installing-safe-rooms-to-prepare-for-civil-unrest/


by MICHAEL SNYDER | END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM “The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is beginning to disappear, and a new era of chaos and anarchy is coming to our cities. I don’t know if you have noticed, but violence is increasing on the streets of America. Over Memorial Day weekend, 29 people were shot in Baltimore and 55 people were shot in Chicago. But …

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Safety In Preparedness

Safety in preparedness. Safety is a paramount concern for being prepared. History shows that even if you are prepared for an unfortunate event, if you do not stick to safety and common sense, your preparations do not matter. Recently, during a power outage, a family of one adult and seven kids died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The carbon monoxide was from a generator being used to power and heat the house. A study by Iqbal, …

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Our New Internship for Veterans

All Rights reserved to Five Finger Death Punch. Music video by Five Finger Death Punch performing Wrong Side Of Heaven. (C) 2014 Prospect Park Here at survivalbypreparedness.com we have not forgotten the sacrifices so many of have made. So here at survivalbypreparedness.com we are taking a critical step to help our fellow veterans, that are falling on hard times. We know have an internship that will teach wounded warriors how to do data entry, SEO …

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