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Videocast: Rib Fractures, Pneumothorax, Sleep Deprivation

Dr. Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy put on a live videocast every first and third Wednesday of each month in collaboration with the nice folks at aroundthecabin.com. This time, they talk about rib fractures, collapsed lungs, chest seals, and do some demonstrations. Also, they discuss some important things you should know about sleep deprivation, a major issue in any SHTF scenario… To watch, click below: Wishing you all the best …

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Video: Mass Casualty Triage, Part 2

In this part of Joe Alton, MD’s series on Mass Casualty triage, Dr. Bones discusses the RPMs of primary triage, plus the various triage levels. In the comments section, you’ll find 10 victims to triage. We’ll go over these in part 3, coming up soon! To watch, click below: Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad, Joe Alton, MD Source: Doom and Bloom (TM)

Video: Mass Casualty Triage, Part 3

Joe Alton, MD’s YouTube series on mass casualty triage ends with a review of the victims he posted in the comments section in part 2. What triage level is each, why, and what would their level be if there were no hospitals or emergency care units? To watch, click below: Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad, Joe Alton, MD Source: Doom and Bloom (TM)

Food Wastage in Modern Times

Title images: pdpic.com, pixabay.com In a survival scenario, when you’re struggling just to make it one more day, there’s nothing that would horrify you more than the sight of food going to waste. Yet, The National Institute of Health says that U.S. consumers waste up to 50 percent more food than they did in the 1970s. 25 percent of all state landfills in the state of California is thought to be comprised of foodstuffs and …

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REPORTS: Secret Service, Trump Campaign Increasing Security After Threats to Family, Violent Protests

The Secret Service and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump are increasing security for the candidate and his rallies after threatening letters were received by Trump family members and violent protests by leftists broke out at a string of several recent Trump rallies.NBC News reported on Friday: Secret Service Tightens Trump’s Security Amidst New Threats “The Secret Service is ramping up their presence around Donald Trump as the joint terrorism task force investigates a suspicious …

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All War Is Based On Deception: What Is The True Intent Of North Korea’s Provocative Action And Saber Rattling?

Jeremiah JohnsonMarch 22nd, 2016SHTFplan.comRead by 98 people “All of warfare is based on deception.” –Sun Tzu One of the important points to keep in mind regarding North Korea’s actions is that they are probably not “unilateral” actions…that is, without any influence from any of the other “evil empire/axis” nations.  Russia and China both exert a profound amount of influence on North Korea.  Kim Jong-Un’s decisions within recent days to launch several missiles have prompted more …

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Voting To Destroy The Establishment: “We Now Can Plainly See the Left Wing and Neo-con Wing Both Have The Same Agenda”

The following article has been generously shared with our readers by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform “The inability to predict outliers implies the inability to predict the course of history”― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable “I know that history is going to be dominated by an improbable event, I just don’t know what that event will be.” ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the …

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Video Technology Can Hack Faces in Real Time: “Why You Can’t Trust What You See On The News”

This article and video were produced by Aaron and Melissa Dykes at Truth Stream Media. Editors’ Comment: Bottom line: unless you experience a news event first hand, you really can’t trust that it really happened. At the very least, you will begin to take it with a grain of salt after seeing this video below. “Seeing is believing” has been the unshakable mantra for the past century of highly exploited news and media – but now …

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Terror in Brussels: 7 Questions The Media “Doesn’t Want You to Ask”

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse Blog. Editor’s Comment: Who benefits from terrorism in Europe, and why wouldn’t ISIS be content that the world has temporarily withdrawn from Syria, and is largely out of Iraq, where they are free to dominate and influence the region? It seems that the powers-that-be are always waiting for another terror attack – it gives a great rationale for new security measures, …

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“The Cult of Cultural Marxism”: Foolish of the Forces They Are Ushering In to Destroy America

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site. Editor’s Comment: The failures in logic, and the fueling of unwise and arbitrary groups of power is quickly unraveling American cultural and social life. Identity politics has corralled groups of gender, race, sexual orientation and other categories and weaponized them to create divide, and make potentially revolutionary division inevitable – all without pinning down any fundamentals or principles with which to …

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