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Safety In Preparedness

Safety in preparedness. Safety is a paramount concern for being prepared. History shows that even if you are prepared for an unfortunate event, if you do not stick to safety and common sense, your preparations do not matter. Recently, during a power outage, a family of one adult and seven kids died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The carbon monoxide was from a generator being used to power and heat the house. A study by Iqbal, …

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Our New Internship for Veterans

All Rights reserved to Five Finger Death Punch. Music video by Five Finger Death Punch performing Wrong Side Of Heaven. (C) 2014 Prospect Park Here at survivalbypreparedness.com we have not forgotten the sacrifices so many of have made. So here at survivalbypreparedness.com we are taking a critical step to help our fellow veterans, that are falling on hard times. We know have an internship that will teach wounded warriors how to do data entry, SEO …

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A Mothers Look Into Disasters

           Having grown up in California, the earthquake capital, we always had to be prepared for another “Big one”. I was little when the quake of 1989 happened, but I remember camping out on the back porch of my grandparents’ house since there were still tremors happening and the house was a disaster. There was glass all over the floor from things falling out of the cabinets, no power that night to cook inside, and …

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New From Cold Steel Battle Shades

Now available at SBP Store Cold Steel’s first Back in 1980customers and fans were Military and Law Enforcement professionals – and what they valued most was our unwavering commitment to strength. With that strength in turn, came safety, and we have been at the forefront of research and development in this field ever since. From day one, our products have been specially developed for warriors. So when we began to explore eyewear solutions, we went …

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In Times of Crisis, Would Humans Snack on Another Human?

                   In times of crisis, would humans snack on another human? Cannibalism, it is a morbid term that turns most people’s stomachs. Despite this, cannibalism has occurred throughout history and even in recent modern times. There are many factors we willinvestigate that lead to cannibalism; disaster and famine, war, ritual and religion, and mental disorder. There is disease that has been linked to cannibalism and we will investigate that as well. Themain foci of this …

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This Month’s Example Of The Need For Preparedness


In a recent news report as of February 22, 2015, 22 people have died in Tennessee alone due to the inclement weather. This led to Tennessee calling a level II State of Emergency. Twelve died from weather related or hypothermia, one from medical issues that were exacerbated by the weather, three from fire, and the remaining six from motor vehicle accidents. Most of these could have been prevented by being prepared. Here at Survival by …

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Plans, ideas, videos and other bug-out related vehicle and trailer items …


          Here’s a really cool, small bug-out trailer:     <a href=”http://tinyhousetalk.com/cargo-trailer-stealth-camper-doubles-bug-vehicle/”>And a link to a “stealth” unit ….</a>       <a href=”http://tinyhousetalk.com/ford-transit-stealth-camper/”>A great cargo van redo … </a>       Here’s a nice, tight little home made unit! A solar powered wonder!