About Survival By Preparedness

About Survial By Preparedness

Survival By Preparedness is a veteran-owned and operated business that supplies products and information to support FEMA’s preparation guidelines. Survival By Preparedness also supplies products for first responders and security companies. Survival By Preparedness has a cadre of veterans and former federal employees who provide information and support through survival and preparedness articles and instructions. Survival By Preparedness has more than 48 years of service to our great county.

We are proud to help disabled veterans learn new job skills through our intern program. This program is on the cutting edge of web page development. It goes into the depths of how e-commerce websites run and operate. If you are a disabled veteran looking to advance or add to your job skills, please feel free to contact us at SurvivalByPreparedness.com.

We started with one person being concerned about what to do in case of an emergency such as a natural disaster, man made disaster, or whatever else comes our why during our lifetimes. An idea was formed to develop an online community of people with survival skill expertise and experience levels. We all have a commonality that stems from being children or grandchildren of the Great Depression. We all have learned through our families of what it was like to have very little. Subsequently, all of us grew up in different environments. One major environmental factor that was the same for all of us (starting in the 1970s) was more movies being made about a post-apocalyptic world where people had to survive. This theme has found a foothold in our culture through present day. We have all found ourselves watching the movies of the people trying to survive when the zombies came.

We are no different--that’s not to say all of us here at SurvivalByPreparedness.com are all the same. We come from different backgrounds and life experiences. Our founder and CEO brings his knowledge of computer software development and programming skills, farming, and construction. Our CEO Vice President, Director of Product Development, has spent his whole adult life serving his country in the US Army (Combat Veteran) and achieved multiple college degrees in psychology, history, and political science. Our Lead Writer and Editor is a retired Combat Veteran; he has also achieved multiple degrees in psychology, and spends time serving his community as a police officer and private security consultant. At SurvivalByPreparedness.com, we have seen the need to help our fellow citizens achieve homeostasis with providing knowledge as well quality products that are affordable.


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